Stepwise Tech Radar — 2021

Stepwise Tech Radar is a tool that supports and inspires every team member at Stepwise.

What is the Tech Radar?

Do technologies fascinate you? Do you think your project can benefit from new technology? Have you just joined the team and would you like to know what tools we are using in our daily work? You have a tool in your project and you would like to see if we have done something with it and maybe there is someone who can help you?

What is the purpose?

Tech Radar is based on the pioneering work of ThoughtWorks. It is a tool that supports and inspires every team member at Stepwise in choosing the best technologies for new projects, encourages joint reflection on technological decisions, and shows the way in the development of team skills and the direction of the company's development. Tech Radar also helps to thoughtfully evaluate the business strategy adopted by Stepwise.

Stepwise Tech Radar is a living document for assessing the risks and benefits of existing and emerging technologies in a company. It allows us to monitor the range of technologies we use on an ongoing basis, and find out which technologies we should approach or move away from.

How do we maintain it?

Tech Radar is managed by the Stepwise Core-Team and the best developers in the company, yet created with the active participation of all the developer teams who devote their time to the Tech Radar goal. Each month at a joint meeting, we discuss the current and future projects, and the assignment of technologies to the respective circles, considering the appropriate direction of the company's development and our own.Are you curious about how technologies appear in Tech Radar?